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How To Get Free Eu.org Domain Lifetime

Hello all friends, In this post we will see how you can easily get the domain eu.org through this post. Once you have read this post you got it.

How To Get Free  Eu.org Domain


Hello all friends, In this post we will see how you can easily get the domain eu.org through this post.  Getting a domain at this company is still a challenge for a lot of bloggers and I hope this post will break through that. So read the posts carefully to the end.

Eu.org domain requirements 

To access the eu.org domain, you first need a DNS hosting or DNS manager to complete all of these requirements.

Within two or seven days of registering your domain, you will receive an email confirming your domain approval and then your bloggers will be able to link to the website and start working.

Eu.org domain company

Although there are many free online domain companies, my hope is that the eu.org domain company, which was started by European company in 1996, continues to operate today. Why I recommend eu.org is a fair domain company. Most bloggers think that getting a domain from this company will change this mindset.

Benefits of Eu.org domain

  1. Once you have access to this eu.org domain you will receive this domain free of charge and will not need any renewal fees.  
  2. Free domain services such as SSL and CDN with cloudflare for the eu.org domain.
  3. Most of us know that you all give a free domain called freenom but using that domain has not gotten Google Advertising approval as far as I know and also have a lot of problems with the Google search console.
  4. You can get Google Advertising approval as soon as you publish good quality posts on your website with eu.org domain.
  5. There are two free DNS hosting services available for accessing the eu.org domain.
  6. Eu.org domain approval

Disadvantages of Eu.org Domain 

  1. If you use the domain against their policy after acquiring the eu.org domain they will remove your domain without any warning to you.
  2. If you encounter a problem with that domain after acquiring the eu.org domain, you will not receive chat support or instant response chat like other domain companies. If you need to contact this company you can only contact us by email.

How To Create nic account 

  1. The first step search on Google in nic.eu.org
  2. In next step click the signup button after that fill in your name, email, address, country code, Mobile, Number, Fax Number, and contact information, etc..
  3. Give 8 characters miles without forgetting your email password
  4. after you have successfully registered your account.
  5. Then send a verification email to your email and click on the verification linkto verify your account. Then in the email, you will be given a Nic Handle. Use it to log in.
  6. Then register your domain name using the New domain option. Register your domain in the Nameservers field provided below for any of the free DNS services you use above.
  7. In the name servers, select the first option and register your domain.
  8. Click the Submit button to successfully register your eu.org domain.

How to create Hostry account

  1. First of search on Google in Hostry.
  2. next step click the signup button.
  3. Next Fill in your name, email, Address, Country code, Mobile Number, fax number and personal information and etc.
  4. Check the Recaptcha you forget and press the sign-up button.
  5. A verification email will then be sent to your email. Then verify your account by clicking on the verification link inside it.
  6. perhaps you have already sign up on Hostry website if just click the sign-in button.
  7. next step click the main menu
  8. And then click the service option choose the free DNS service.
  9. Enter the name of your domain in the box without the word www.
  10. The final step clicks the create DNS option friends you have successfully created DNS service in your domain.
  11. ns1.hostry.com 

How To create cloudns account 

  1. First step search on Google in cloudns
  2. next step click the signup button.
  3. First of all fill in your name and email , password.
  4. don't forget to click the terms and conditions.
  5. perhaps you have already registered your account on cloudns website if just click the sign-in button.
  6. Click the DNS zones option as soon as you are logged into your accounts.
  7. Then select the add new option. After selecting the mater DNS zone option you will be asked for three options. The first option is to Create this zone with NS records. The second option is to Copy all records from the other zones. The third option is to Create this zone without any records. Select the third option.
  8. Enter the name of your domain in it without the word www.
  9. After that click the create option your DNS service is ready now.

own experience

Through this post, I will share with you my experiences and experiences of gaining the eu.org domain.  I'm like you guys I searched a lot of youtube videos and a lot of Google to get a free domain for bloggers somehow. I searched for over 2 or 3 months as far as I know. This is when I found out about this eu.org company. Then within two days after registering and registering an account with that company I received an email saying that my domain had been accepted.
Eu.org Domain Adsense

Ways to get eu.org domain quickly

If eu.org does not receive any emails from them 2 or 7 days after registering for the eu.org domain, please contact the email address below. Of course, you can get the eu.org domain soon.
Email via contact


I hope you understand how to access my eu.org domain through this post. If you have any doubts after reading this post please let us know your top comments in the comment box.

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  1. It's been a long i requested for the domain still i didn't get the email. Also i send email to the host still didn't get any email.

    Nb: I checked spam also.
    1. Please send email again on hostmaster@eu.org. you will get email definitely but you have to wait a while bro☺